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Your RHM is
ready to help
improve cash flow to your portfolio.

Mercury Management Solutions  helps you cut paperwork, save time and better serve your investment needs,
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Our Services Include:
- Accounting
- Book Keeping
- Banking Support
- 24/7 On-line Access
- Repairs and Maintenance
- Local Support
The RHM (Right-Hand-Man) concept is an increasingly popular approach toward managing property investment portfolios. It allows investors the flexibility to retain control of managing their portfolios without doing the work. The RHM concept offers investors the unique chance to maintain 24/7 online visibility of the day-to-day operations, rent collections, repairs, and bank and accounting transactions.

Equally important, your RHM focuses on meeting your needs by maintaining dialogue regarding the important day-to-day functions. These typically include determining what is necessary both financially and operationally to ensure a profitable portfolio, and identifying and prioritizing specific repairs.

"We are not a property management company."

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Home / Services / About Us / Contact Us